The selection of a private school in England


The selection of a private school in England

In the UK, there are more than 2 500 private schools. What are the signs for parents who often choose the school and what is really worth paying attention to?
1. Future specialty and university
By going in high school, the child actually enters the university. Already in the 16 years, he has to choose items that will fit his specialty. Rated very good schools prepare children for basic disciplines (mathematics, physics, geography, history, literature). If your child is planning to enter the medicine or art, we can consider a school that specializes in these matters.
For example, in Cardiff Sixth Form College has a program focused on medicine and law at Oxbridge. International School of Creative Arts in London offers A-Levels with a focus on visual arts, and pursuing a course in conjunction with the Central Saint Martin’s College.
Building a school admissions process, we always rely on the ultimate goal – the university, and helps students to choose the set of objects that will be most successful for the future specialization.
2. Competition for space
English schools accept students in certain age. Therefore, it is important to consider various options for starting (7-11, 13, 15, 16). Rate preparation of the child and the level to which he should be ready, to evade problems with tasks it is better to use service help me write my essay. In addition, it is important to bear in mind that the top schools need to register in advance – for 1,5-2 or even 3 years prior to the training date.
The basic structure of students in English schools is formed 13 years. In 14-16 years, competition for places is higher and much more difficult to do. For example, St. Edward’s School enrolled 680 people. In 13 years, the school accepts about 200 people, and in 16 years – only 45. Tonbridge School accepts 13 144 people, and in 16 years – only 20. In addition, each school is limited number of places for Russian students to save multinational composition.
To understand at what age and what school your child should start training in England, we make a plan for the child’s academic «Education Planning Service». Experts at secondary schools together with teachers develop educational trajectory, which marks the point «A» – the current level of training, and the point of «Z» – school and university level, where the child plans to attend. Educational EPS plan contains all the necessary steps: from the preparation in Moscow, summer abroad programs, entrance exams to the trustee recruitment, mentoring during training and further transition to university.
About the Author: Lilly Jerty is a student. She is from the USA.

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