Romeo and Juliet Essay Questions: Prompts for Good Literature Writing

This article helps to choose a topic and write Romeo and Juliet 5 paragraph essay in easy way. In the first part of an essay on Romeo and Juliet introduce the topic of the essay with some background information. It should consist of strong and clear thesis.

Then goes well-organized body paragraph: your personal analysis and explanation is vital. Support it with direct quotes from the play. In conclusion for Romeo and Juliet essay, you have to rephrase the thesis and creatively summarize the main points of three body paragraphs.

Romeo and Juliet Essay Questions

Choose an interesting Romeo and Juliet essay prompts. Begin with brainstorming – creating and listing ideas. Some of the possible prompts to help you write Romeo and Juliet persuasive essay:

  1. Discuss the relationships between parents and children. How do Romeo and Juliet cooperate with their parents?
  2. Who is blame for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet?
  3. Analyze the characters of the Friar Laurence and Nurse as preceptors to the young people in the play?
  4. How do the ideas of identity contribute to the story of Romeo and Juliet: regard family relationships, gender, social class, and age?
  5. Analysis Friar Laurence character. What motivates him?
  6. Analyze the personality traits of several characters in Romeo and Juliet and explain how their uncommon characteristics contributed to the tragedy.
  7. What universal messages did Shakespeare want to express with his play?
  8. Continue this list with own essay questions and choose most attractive according to your mind.

Suggestions for Romeo and Juliet Essay Topics

There are numbers of Romeo and Juliet essays. So if you take one that has already been used a lot of times, it will have risk to be boring and stale. That’s why turn on your creativity and try to find in major Romeo and Juliet essay topics something new. For example, you can write Romeo and Juliet compare and contrast essay by answering what separate Romeo and Juliet from Shakespeare’s other famous tragedies: Macbeth, Othello, and Hamlet.

Take eternal themes like fate, love or meaning of gender and analyze it from some other angel. From the very beginning, we know that the story will end with tragedy. Highlight fate’s control over Romeo and Juliet destinies: the lovers will be punished because fate is against them. Some prove that the stars were lined against a couple from the start, while others say that the actions of various characters were to blame. But what do you think?

Love is another fundamental theme. Compare the actions of Romeo and Juliet couple with those of typical teenagers in your country: what factors play a role in this literature love story that create similarities and differences to today’s real ones.

Shakespeare is called a genius – his works give extensive material for thoughts and beliefs for many generations of scientists. Make new theories and go deeper, and you will make an out-and-outer essay on Romeo and Juliet.